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Saturday, March 16, 2013

It's cold somewhere - mouse hand knows

It might be 97 degrees in the desert, but it's still chilly somewhere, and that means a cold mouse hand can be a problem.  People who sit in front of the computer all day know there's a point in time when freezing cold fingertips make it difficult to work.  Poor circulation associated with diabetes creates cold hands.  Arthritis also has a tendency to create chill and numbing fingertips. 

Infrared heat is a great source of relief and comfort for a cold mouse hand.  The deep penetrating effects of infrared heat relax muscles and tense muscles.  The Heated Mouse by ValueRays is an ideal source of infrared heat for computer users.  It's available online at or directly through the manufacturer at

There are a number of other computer peripherals and infrared heated USB gadgets available for relief from the cold.  Visit or for free shipping and the best prices online when shopping for USB heat!

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