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Saturday, June 30, 2012

Comparing Epiphany Eyewear & Google Glass

$1500 for a pre sale of Google Glass is a bit high. 

and here's how the two products compare: 

Google Glass has a piece of glass that hangs over your eye, looks a bit like something spock might wear, and displays information in your field of view -- Vergence Labs are building Epiphany Eyewear that, on the other hand will be stylish, will connect into the app ecosystem, like the iOs for example, giving app developers access to the POV video, and then connect to the social ecosystem, sharing to sites like facebook and twitter. 

The lenses of the Epiphany Eyewear product will also have super cool instant-on and off sunglasses that use electro-chromic glass. I don't believe Google has no plans to do any of these things, and from the consumer talks and surveys, this is actually what the market would enjoy and is ready for! 

At $189 for a limited time you are invited to have a look at the link below, share with your friends, and pledge for a pair of glasses, thanks!  

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