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Saturday, April 25, 2009

Wholesale Online - Warm Mouse, Mouse Hand Warmer, Warm Mouse Pad

Breaking News for Cold Mouse Hand Readers! in partnership with ValueRays Infrared Heated Computer Accessories opened an online wholesale store making it even more convenient to fill your wholesale orders online for ValueRays hand warmers.

Pictured above are the three products available online through the ValueRays Wholesale Store:
No muss, no fuss. No importing, no duty, no worries. Shop online to place your wholesale order for the nation's highest quality infrared heat computer accessories: Warm Mouse, Warm Mouse Pad and Mouse Hand Warmer blanket. announced today the addition of two new products to their website. Soon wholesale clients will be able to add the Warm Keyboard Pad and USB Mouse Hand Warmer blanket to their inventory list.
Plan ahead. It wasn't raining when Noah built the Ark! Budget for your Fall products now and place orders at these super low prices. Minimum wholesale orders required. Visit the ValueRays Wholesale Store now. Place an order within minutes.

Delivered to your door, no lengthy applications to complete or approvals to be made. Contact vendor online anytime day or night! is owned and operated by, Inc. a 15-year ecommerce veteran. Buy wholesale from a trusted online supplier.

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Sunday, April 19, 2009

Infrared heaters relieve cold hand pain

When it comes to a cold mouse hand there's nothing more effective than an infrared heated mouse and infrared heated mouse pad. ValueRays® is an USA based company specializing in the design and manufacture of infrared heated computer accessories. There are ValueRays® Warm Mouse, Warm Mouse Pad, Warm Keyboard Pad and Mouse Hand Warmer blanket. They are USB computer gadgets delivering therapeutic heat to cold computer hands.

Cold mouse hand and cold computer hand problems are an all year round situation for many people who suffer from poor circulatory conditions to the extremities -- cold hands & cold fingers. ValueRays® solves the cold hand problem and creates a cost-efficient, energy-efficient home remedy infrared heat solution for computer users suffering with cold hands.

How Does an Infrared Heating System Work
by Darren Chow from the California Chronicle

Are you considering installing a heating system for your home? If your prime concern is to have an effective and energy efficient system, consider installing an infrared heating system. Question is, how does an infrared system work, and how can it help you save energy and money?

An infrared heating system is also known as a heat radiation system. Unlike other heating systems, this system uses electromagnetic waves to generate heat. When the system is turned on, waves are circulated in the room. But no heat is actually generated unless the waves come into contact with a solid surface - walls, furniture, or human beings.

That is why when you have an infrared system installed, the actual room temperature may appear to be lower when compared to other more conventional systems. At least that is what the thermometer says. But the thermometer doesn't know that heat is generated upon impact. Human beings will be able to feel the heat as it is being generated, and comfort starts to set in.

Because of this unique ability to generate heat upon contact, infrared systems can be used to produce heat for different zones. Energy is directed to zones where it is needed. In other words, the system can direct energy to zones where there are people. This helps to save energy.

The energy efficiency of the system depends on several factors. The way infrared systems work is a big bonus by itself. But other factors such as how heat is being managed throughout the house also comes into the picture. For example, insulation plays a big part in heat retention. With proper insulation, the objects in the house can retain the heat energy for longer periods of time, hence reducing the reliance on the infrared heating system.

Windows also play a big role. If you have poor quality windows that don't help to retain heat, you will be using up more energy to produce the heat that is being lost constantly. When you combine these factors with a infrared heating system, you can save as much as 40% of your energy bills. In addition, infrared heating systems are also one of the cleanest systems in the world. There is nothing to burn (think fireplaces), and there is no carbon emission. All you need to do is to flick a switch, and electromagnetic waves will be generated.

The heat is almost instant. There is no need to wait for heat to be dispersed around the house. This wait is common if you employ normal heating systems. That is because once the heat has been generated, you still have to wait for the heat to be conducted via ducts or pipes to other parts of the house. Obviously, electromagnetic waves travel much faster. Homeowners will start to feel warmer and more comfortable very quickly. Learn more about infrared heating system and other home heating systems.

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Sunday, April 12, 2009

ValueRays® relief for arthritis cold mouse hand pain

It doesn't have to be winter to feel the pain of cold hands for people who suffer with arthritis, Raynaud's or poor circulation from diabetes and other conditions affecting the circulatory system. Cold hands when using the computer is experienced by a number of people. Now, there's relief thanks to a company called ValueRays®.

ValueRays® uses infrared heat and the USB connection on the computer to deliver cost-effective and energy-efficient healing infrared heat therapy for computer users. Design a warm ergonomic computer workstation using ValueRays® USB infrared heat computer accessories. announced today a Press Release for ValueRays® products available at

ValueRays® ergonomic computer accessories provide infrared heat therapy using infrared heaters in the comfort of your home or office. If your hand pain diagnosis results in cold computer hands and numb cold fingers, cost-effective and energy-efficient infrared heat therapy using your computer provides warmth and relief.

(PRWEB) April 12, 2009 -- announced today the availability of infrared heated computer accessories to help those who suffer with arthritis hand pain to use the computer with improved comfort and relief.

"Infrared heat is a deep penetrating source of heat therapy for computer users who have arthritis in their hands," said Anna Miller, owner. "I have arthritis in my hands, and only 20-30 minutes of infrared heat therapy daily makes a big difference in reduced hand pain and increased amount of time I can use the computer."

Infrared heat can make a difference for computer users with hand pain associated with arthritis and other conditions like carpal tunnel syndrome, Raynaud's Phenomenon, diabetes and poor circulation. The relaxing heat helps get blood circulating to the affected areas.

Not everyone has poor circulation or cold hand pain when using the computer, but for people who do, provides a high-quality, low-priced infrared heated mouse, heated mouse pad, heated keyboard pad and mouse hand warmer blanket. is the premiere online store for ValueRays® USB Infrared Heat Ergonomic Computer Accessories. The ValueRays® brand includes the following USB items:

ValueRays® Warm Mouse
ValueRays® Warm Mouse Pad
ValueRays® Warm Keyboard Pad

ValueRays® Mouse Hand Warmer®

If you or someone you know suffer from hand pain when using the computer, infrared heat computer accessories are an ideal source of soothing heat to relax sore muscles, relieve tension and stress, and provide a deep penetrating source of heat to aching hands, fingers, wrists and arms.

Using USB heat is cost-effective and energy-efficient. The computer supplies therapeutic heat energy for the mouse hand and keyboard hands. The ValueRays® USB plug & play products require no additional software to install. Just place the USB connector in an USB port to start a home-based heat therapy treatment while you are using the computer. Within a few minutes warmth is delivered to the surface of the mouse pad and to the computer mouse. Use the two heated items inside the Mouse Hand Warmer® blanket pouch and insulated infrared heat creates the perfect mouse hand environment. offers Free USA Shipping & No Sales Tax for its online shoppers.

April is Occupational Therapy Month. If you know someone recovering from a hand injury, suggest infrared heat ergonomic work aids to assist the rehabilitation process. See the ValueRays® advertisement in April's Conference issue of OT Practice Magazine.

If you have severe hand pain symptoms, severe cold computer hands and numb cold fingers, please consult a doctor to discuss cold hand causes for a proper hand pain diagnosis. Do not rely solely on Internet research to define the causes of cold hands and hand pain.

For more information about ValueRays® USB Infrared Heat Ergonomic Computer Accessories, please visit

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Thursday, April 9, 2009

Cold Hand Causes - Use Infrared Heat Therapy

ValueRays® ergonomic computer accessories provide infrared heat therapy using infrared heaters in the comfort of your home or office. If you have hand pain symptoms, severly cold computer hands and numb cold fingers, please consult a doctor to discuss cold hand causes for a proper hand pain diagnosis. Do not rely solely on Internet research to define the causes of cold hands and hand pain. For more information about cold hands risk factors, causes of cold hands, and hand warmers for sale, please visit the individual items’ pages and visit the Learning Center Library.

Hand Therapy: 10 Reasons to Use a Heated Mouse

If you or someone you know suffers with cold hand pain associated with computer use, this article is for you. There are many medical conditions with cold hand symptoms related to hand pain -- carpal tunnel, arthritis, diabetes and poor circulation. Simple advice given to people who want to avoid hand surgery and medication include the use of heat, exercise and behavior modification.

If you have hand problems when using the computer, consider the use of infrared heat therapy. It's simple. It's easy, and it's fun! Infrared heat hand therapy is simple because it's USB heat from the computer. It's easy because infrared heat is generated from the computer to the computer's mouse, mouse pad and keyboard pad plugged into the computer. It's fun because you can sit and use the computer during your infrared heat hand therapy treatment.

There are probably hundreds of reasons why a person with a cold mouse hand, cold computer hands or hand pain should use USB heat ergonomic computer accessories. Here are ten reasons why you should use an USB heated, warm mouse:

1 - USB heat is cost-effective. In today's economy, we need to look at ways to cut costs. Keeping warm using USB heat generated from the computer will allow us to keep the thermostat turned down in chilly weather.

2 - USB heat is energy-efficient. Using the computer to generate heat is an efficient use of the computer's resources.

3- Infrared heat is healthy. Infrared heat penetrates deeply through the skin's layers to the muscle tissue. It is a deep healing source of heat. Research indicates 20-30 minutes of infrared heat therapy daily improves circulation and produces positive results.

4 - Reducing the onset of hand injury. An USB heated, warm computer mouse produces relief and helps offset the side-effects of medical conditions related to cold hands like muscular and joint hand pain, stiffness, stress, tension, carpal tunnel syndrome, arthritis hand pain, poor circulation, Raynaud's cold hands and diabetes poor circulation.

5 - Occupational & Hand Therapy. Hand Therapists report an increase of hand injuries due to the increased amount of computer use. The importance of ergonomics is at an all-time high. The use of healthy computer gadgets will assist in creating a productive and healing work environment. The infrared heated computer mouse assists a worker's rehabilitation after hand injury during and ongoing throughout the rehabilitative, healing process.

6 - All year use. A warm mouse is used during the winter months when temperatures drop, and it's used during the summer months when the air-conditioning creates a cold work area. Everyday is a good day for an infrared heat therapy hand treatment.

7 - Warmth and heat is soothing when your hands hurt. Painful hands are not uncommon for computer users. Fingers, thumbs, palms and wrists ache, and these aches & pains come and go depending upon our actvities and the amount of time we sit and work at the computer. A warm computer mouse helps relieve the pain by increasing blood flow, expanding blood vessels and increaseing blood circulation.

8 - Weather predicts our body's reaction to cold. When it's cold outside our body reacts with chills and an uncomfortable feeling. When we sit still at the computer, the chills seem to magnify. Warmth from a heated mouse can help eleviate the chills by delivering a steady flow of infrared heat rays to our hand and body.

9 - Heat therapy is one way to treat arthritic joint pain. A little arthritis is found in many of us. It gets more noticeable as we age. The warming infrared heat generated by an USB heated mouse penetrates deeply through skin layers into the muscles and joints. The warming mouse can actually help loosen and prevent joint stiffness.

10 - Humans pick up toxic by-products in the food we eat and the air we breathe. We also pick up toxins in medications and by handling certain materials. The toxins accumulate in our blood and go undetected until we become ill. Infrared heat helps to remove these toxins from our blood by inhibiting bacterial growth from these toxic substances.

For more information about USB infrared heated ergonomic computer accessories visit the Learning Center at

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