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Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Copycat Counterfeit Fake Cold Mouse Hand Warmer on

cold mouse hand, mouse hand warmer, IGMproducts.comThe Authentic Mouse Hand Warmer shown above was designed to keep an exposed, cold mouse hand covered.

A fake Mouse Hand Warmer was spotted recently on

eHow copied IGMproducts' Mouse Hand Warmer which is designed to address the cold mouse hand problem. sells the authentic, original, Mouse Hand Warmer blanket pouch. It is designed to use with ValueRays infrared heated computer mouse and ValueRays infrared heated mouse pad. Together the three items create a perfect mouse hand environment.

We stumbled upon an article written by an eHow member who copied the IGMproducts' cold mouse hand blanket pouch. is somewhat honored to say the least.

"We aren't Prada, Gucci, Fendi or Louis Vuitton," said Anna Miller, Webmaster, "but now we can say there's a counterfeit Mouse Hand Warmer, and it's somewhat flattering."

The authentic Mouse Hand Warmer is constructed of high quality blanket fleece and made in the USA by a Los Angeles design house. The photos on eHow illustrate a very poorly made Mouse Hand Warmer. The IGMproducts version is made well of high quality fabrics, and the workmanship is exceptional. The fleece blanket fabric is like crawling under the covers on a cold winter night.

Authorized resellers of the IGMproducts Mouse Hand Warmer are:,, and

If you suffer from a cold mouse hand and want a blanket to keep your hand warm, please visit

The ValueRays heated mouse and heated mouse pad are also available and can be purchased as a set to save money. Each item when used separately serve the cold mouse hand purpose, and when used together, the three items keep warmth and heat insulated inside the blanket pouch. Plus, the USB heated computer mouse and heated mouse pad are made with a carbon fiber which create infrared heat. Infrared heat is a source of healing heat. Research shows 20-30 minutes of infrared heat therapy daily will help reverse poor circulation, tension, muscle stress and hand strains. To learn more about the healing effects of Infrared Heat, visit the Learning Center.

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