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Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Stuff that Delights Us about a Cold Mouse Hand

Delight Magazine is a delightful resource for items that delight us all. The current January 2009 issue features all sorts of news worthy information. There's a section called Stuff that Delights Us. Featured in this section on lucky page 13 is the one and only Mouse Hand Warmer blanket from

Does your computer mouse hand get cold? Do you find yourself trying to think of ways to keep your mouse hand warm? The folks at IGMproducts came up with a mouse blanket made of cozy fleece. The Mouse Hand Warmer has a non slip surface and fits your favorite mouse and mouse pad. If you don't want to use a mousepad, that's OK, too. The Mouse Hand Warmer can be used as a mousepad, a blanket and functions as an insulated "no electricity" hand warmer.

The Mouse Hand Warmer helps relieve a cold mouse hand. It's made in the USA and is an earth friendly product.

As an added incentive, use coupon code DELIGHT to receive an extra 10% off the total cost of your purchase at Plus, never pay shipping or sales tax when you shop online!

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At January 8, 2009 at 12:45 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

the Mouse Hand Warmer is a delightful item. i bought mine using the coupon code DELIGHT at and got 10% off plus free shipping and paid no sales tax.... this is very delightful! thanks


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