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Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Mouse Hand Grammy's Giveaway Fixes Cold

Grammy's grandchildren were her inspiration for Grammy Janet's Place Blog. This month, Grammy's is sponsoring an array of giveaways as part of the quaterly Bloggy Giveaways Carnival.

Spotted today was the Mouse Hand Warmer giveaway at Grammy Janet's Place. Visit Grammy's to read the instructions to participate in the free USA giveaway event. If you or someone you know suffers with a cold mouse hand, this event is for you!

The mouse hand warmer is designed to cover a cold mouse hand with a fleece blanket. It's a pouch for your mouse and mouse pad. To read and learn more, please click here.

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Monday, January 26, 2009

Computer Mouse: Heat for Arthritis Cold Hand Pain

If you suffer from arthritis, here's information about the illness and ways to help relieve the pain. Arthritis may produce poor circulation in your hands. If you work at a computer and your mouse hand gets cold, it's wise to use a heated warm mouse. A USB connected heated warming mouse generates dry heat like a heating pad. This will promote better circulation to your cold mouse hand. The heat from the heated warming mouse will also loosen muscles and improve movement. Heat to the mouse hand is relaxing, soothing, relieves stress and tension. It's a healthy alternative from the pain a cold mouse hand can create.

Heat relaxes the muscles and stimulates blood circulation. Dry heat, such as heat lamps, a warm mouse or heating pads, and moist heat, such as a heated washcloth, or a warm bath are good options for heat treatments.

How Is Arthritis Pain Treated?

There is no single treatment that applies to all people with arthritis, but rather the doctor will develop a management plan designed to minimize your specific pain and improve the function of your joints. A number of treatments can provide short-term pain relief.

Short-Term Relief

Medications—Because people with osteoarthritis have very little inflammation, pain relievers such as acetaminophen (Tylenol*) may be effective. Patients with rheumatoid arthritis generally have pain caused by inflammation and often benefit from aspirin or other nonsteroidal anti- inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) such as ibuprofen (Motrin or Advil).

Heat and cold—The decision to use either heat or cold for arthritis pain depends on the type of arthritis and should be discussed with your doctor or physical therapist. Moist heat, such as a warm bath or shower, or dry heat, such as a heating pad (or USB heated warm mouse), placed on the painful area of the joint for about 15 minutes may relieve the pain. An ice pack (or a bag of frozen vegetables) wrapped in a towel and placed on the sore area for about 15 minutes may help to reduce swelling and stop the pain. If you have poor circulation, do not use cold packs.

Joint Protection—Using a splint or a brace to allow joints to rest and protect them from injury can be helpful. Your physician or physical therapist can make recommendations.

Transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation (TENS)—A small TENS device that directs mild electric pulses to nerve endings that lie beneath the skin in the painful area may relieve some arthritis pain. TENS seems to work by blocking pain messages to the brain and by modifying pain perception.

Massage—In this pain-relief approach, a massage therapist will lightly stroke and/or knead the painful muscle. This may increase blood flow and bring warmth to a stressed area. However, arthritis-stressed joints are very sensitive so the therapist must be very familiar with the problems of the disease.

Osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis are chronic diseases that may last a lifetime. Learning how to manage your pain over the long term is an important factor in controlling the disease and maintaining a good quality of life. Following are some sources of long- term pain relief.

Long-Term Relief


Biological response modifiers— These new drugs used for the treatment of rheumatoid arthritis reduce inflammation in the joints by blocking the reaction of a substance called tumor necrosis factor, an immune system protein involved in immune response system. These drugs include Enbrel and Remicade.

Nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs)—These are a class of drugs including aspirin and ibuprofen that are used to reduce pain and inflammation and may be used for both short-term and long-term relief in people with osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis. NSAIDs also include Celebrex and Vioxx, so-called COX-2 inhibitors that block and enzyme known to cause an inflammatory response.

Disease-modifying anti-rheumatic drugs (DMARDs)—These are drugs used to treat people with rheumatoid arthritis who have not responded to NSAIDs. Some of these include the new drug Arava and methotrexate, hydroxychloroquine, penicillamine, and gold injections. These drugs are thought to influence and correct abnormalities of the immune system responsible for a disease like rheumatoid arthritis. Treatment with these medications requires careful monitoring by the physician to avoid side effects.

Corticosteroids—These are hormones that are very effective in treating arthritis but cause many side effects. Corticosteroids can be taken by mouth or given by injection. Prednisone is the corticosteroid most often given by mouth to reduce the inflammation of rheumatoid arthritis. In both rheumatoid arthritis and osteoarthritis, the doctor also may inject a corticosteroid into the affected joint to stop pain. Because frequent injections may cause damage to the cartilage, they should only be done once or twice a year.

Other Products— Hyaluronic acid products like Hyalgan and Synvisc mimic a naturally occurring body substance that lubricates the knee joint and permits flexible joint movement without pain. A blood filtering device called the Prosorba Column is used in some health care facilities for filtering out harmful antibodies in people with severe rheumatoid arthritis.

Weight reduction—Excess pounds put extra stress on weight-bearing joints such as the knees or hips. Studies have shown that overweight women who lost an average of 11 pounds substantially reduced the development of osteoarthritis in their knees. In addition, if osteoarthritis has already affected one knee, weight reduction will reduce the chance of it occurring in the other knee.

Exercise—Swimming, walking, low-impact aerobic exercise, and range-of- motion exercises may reduce joint pain and stiffness. In addition, stretching exercises are helpful. A physical therapist can help plan an exercise program that will give you the most benefit. (The National Arthritis and Musculoskeletal and Skin Diseases Information Clearinghouse has a separate fact sheet on arthritis and exercise. See the end of this booklet for contact information.)

Surgery—In select patients with arthritis, surgery may be necessary. The surgeon may perform an operation to remove the synovium (synovectomy), realign the joint (osteotomy), or in advanced cases replace the damaged joint with an artificial one (arthroplasty). Total joint replacement has provided not only dramatic relief from pain but also improvement in motion for many people with arthritis.

What Alternative Therapies May Relieve Arthritis Pain?

Many people seek other ways of treating their disease, such as special diets or supplements. Although these methods may not be harmful in and of themselves, no research to date shows that they help. Some people have tried acupuncture, in which thin needles are inserted at specific points in the body. Others have tried glucosamine and chondroitin sulfate, two natural substances found in and around cartilage cells, for osteoarthritis of the knee.

Some alternative or complementary approaches may help you to cope or reduce some of the stress of living with a chronic illness. If the doctor feels the approach has value and will not harm you, it can be incorporated into your treatment plan. However, it is important not to neglect your regular health care or treatment of serious symptoms.

How Can You Cope With Arthritis Pain?

The long-term goal of pain management is to help you cope with a chronic, often disabling disease. You may be caught in a cycle of pain, depression, and stress. To break out of this cycle, you need to be an active participant with the doctor and other health care professionals in managing your pain. This may include physical therapy, cognitive-behavioral therapy, occupational therapy, biofeedback, relaxation techniques (for example, deep breathing and meditation), and family counseling therapy.

The Multipurpose Arthritis and Musculoskeletal Diseases Center at Stanford University, supported by the National Institute of Arthritis and Musculoskeletal and Skin Diseases (NIAMS), has developed an Arthritis Self-Help Course that teaches people with arthritis how to take a more active part in their arthritis care. The Arthritis Self-Help Course is taught by the Arthritis Foundation and consists of a 12- to 15-hour program that includes lectures on osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis, exercise, pain management, nutrition, medication, doctor-patient relationships, and nontraditional treatment.

You may want to contact some of the organizations listed at the end of this fact sheet for additional information on the Arthritis Self-Help Course and on coping with pain, as well as for information on support groups in your area.

Things You Can Do To Manage Arthritis Pain

Eat a healthy diet
Get 8 to 10 hours of sleep at night.
Keep a daily diary of pain and mood changes to share with your physician.
Choose a caring physician.
Join a support group
Stay informed about new research on managing arthritis pain.


To relieve cold mouse hand arthritic pain, please CLICK HERE.

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Sunday, January 25, 2009

Mouse blanket for cold hand made in USA forever

American made products make the difference when it comes to warming up that cold mouse hand. Just in, the Mouse Hand Warmer at Made in USA Forever. A fleece blanket designed like a pouch holds your favorite computer mouse and mouse pad. It measures about 12 x 12 inches and is manufactured by in the USA.

IGMproducts also sells many other hand warming products that work very well with the Mouse Hand Warmer. A heated warm mouse and heated warm mouse pad generate heat insulated inside the fleece blanket.

Visit Made in USA Forever
Visit the Manufacturer's Website

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Friday, January 23, 2009

Amazon mouse pad blanket for cold hand

Enter: Amazon

Mouse Hand Blanket: Keeps your cold mouse hand covered by a warm blanket. Constructed of a warm polyester fleece blanket material with a non-slip surface. Fits standard mouse pads. Or can be used without a mouse pad on a hard surface. Hand wash and air dry. Instructions: Slip a standard sized mouse pad inside the Mouse Hand Warmer. If using a wireless mouse, the net front provides a clear optical connection. When using an USB connected mouse, slip the cord through a small slit opening made in the center front net. Easy to keep clean by hand washing with a mild detergent and air drying. Made in the USA. The Mouse Hand Warmer is an inexpensive way to keep your mouse hand warm during chilly weather or whenever you feel your mouse hand getting cold. A drafty air-conditioned office makes for an uncomfortable exposed hand if you sit and work all day at the computer. During the winter, a draft or drop in temperature makes your mouse hand cold, too. Sometimes fingers get numb due to the cold air. Keep your mouse hand warm inside a cozy blanket. The idea for a Mouse Hand Warmer came about after spending many years working long, late hours sitting at a computer. When your mouse hand gets cold there's really nothing you can do to warm it except stop working or cover it with a warm blanket. That's why the Mouse Hand Warmer was created. No wires or cords to get tangled on your desk top. The Mouse Hand Warmer is a contemporary, modern, techie-looking desk accessory in neutral colors of gray fleece with black and white trim. The pouch measures about 12" x 12" with a wide front opening to get your hand into and out of the Mouse Hand Warmer with ease. Fits any sized mouse, from a standard small mouse to a large ergonomically shaped mouse. Mouse Hand Warmer is a registered trademark and patented product made in the USA. For more information, for distribution or wholesale orders, please write by contacting us through Amazon.

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Thursday, January 22, 2009

Mouse Hand Warmer Mouse Pad Computer Industry’s Newest Gadget

Cold Mouse Hand sufferers finally get relief! introduces a new product to the computer accessories market just in time for chilly weather. The Mouse Hand Warmer -- not available in any stores and only available through the manufacturer is brand new, a novel idea and provides a solution for the cold mouse hand syndrome.

Desert Hot Springs, CA., (PRnews). Does your computer mouse hand get cold? Do you sit long hours working at the computer with an exposed mouse hand? Does the winter chill or air-conditioned room make your mouse hand cold and fingertips numb? If you answered yes to any of these questions, you’re not alone. There is a serious, cold mouse hand problem hitting the computer geek population, and has the cost-effective, energy-efficient solution.

"The Mouse Hand Warmer came about after spending over 12 years sitting at a computer working long, late hours with a very cold mouse hand," said Anna Miller, creator of the Mouse Hand Warmer. The Mouse Hand Warmer was made to solve the cold mouse hand problem. Once the Mouse Hand Warmer blanket was developed and used, it proved to solve the problem, and IGM decided to manufacture and sell the item to the computer accessories market.

There’s no known medical term for the cold mouse hand condition. We asked Doctor Oz from the Oprah Winfrey Show by contacting him through The Mouse Hand Warmer is an energy-efficient way to keep your mouse hand covered by a warm, fleece blanket. Just like crawling under the covers on a cold night, the Mouse Hand Warmer provides a warm, cozy blanket for your mouse hand. Simply slip your computer mouse and hand inside the Mouse Hand Warmer blanket with or without the use of a standard sized mouse pad, and your mouse hand is covered and kept warm as you work.

The Mouse Hand Warmer mouse pad is made in the USA and is the registered trademark and patented product of, Inc. The Mouse Hand Warmer uses no electricity, and there are no cords to plug in or get tangled on your desktop. It is available just in time for cold weather and when the cost of energy for heating is of key importance. Work long hours, keep warm and keep your energy bills lower by using a blanket to cover your exposed mouse hand.

The Mouse Hand Warmer has a non slip surface and is constructed of hand-washable fabrics. It is compatible with optical or USB connected mice of all sizes and shapes. It measures about 12 x 12 inches and has plenty of room inside for freedom of computer mouse hand movement. The only place you can obtain one of the techie gray, black and white mouse blankets is through the manufacturer who is currently seeking distributors of the product. To learn more about this novel computer geek accessory, visit

We’ve tested the product, and it works! We’ve received positive feedback from computer users on, and Now, we’re ready to launch the product for resale. For more details, comments or to become a distributor of the Mouse Hand Warmer, please contact the manufacturer through their website at or by email at Webmaster (at)

About is the ecommerce site of, Inc. (IGM). Anna Miller is the President of IGM and has been creating, computing and selling online since the early 90’s. She is considered an Internet Pioneer and Ecommerce Entrepreneur. IGM's former ecommerce sites have been named Best of the Web by People StyleWatch Magazine and a top online resource by For more information, please visit

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Monday, January 19, 2009

Bordinary Blog Warm Thumbs Up for Cold Hands

Mouse Hand Warmer
Posted by C. Holly Greene

If you suffer from cold hands when on the computer for a very long time like I do, I found something really cool to help and I ordered one to try. So far, it really does work, very warm, almost too warm! The downside: obviously you have to take it in and out in order to type and if you use shortcuts on the keyboard as much as I do, your hand is out a lot anyway. And now my other hand freezes, lol. But over all, I give a warm thumbs up!

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Sunday, January 18, 2009

Everything under $29.99 finds cold hand gadgets

A very cool website called Everything Under $29.99 features a variety of nifty items all priced under $29.99! There are links to items priced under $10, between $10-$19.99, and from $20 - $29.99. There's no limit to the amount or type of items you'll find at Everything Under $29.99 either. Find very cool items to eat, gadgets for all sorts of things and devices for keeping warm during the winter. If you have cold hands, the site features the Mouse Hand Warmer and other computer gadgets to keep you warm while computing. The nice thing about the Mouse Hand Warmer blanket is it uses no electricity. Many other USB connected devices also keep your mouse hand warm. Click here for more details.

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Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Iventor's Spot a perfect cold computer hand gadget is a fun and informative website focused on Inventions, Innovations and Interesting Ideas from around the world. They offer serious fun for the inventor in all of us. For example the Mouse Hand Warmer by

Inventor's Spot is one of the most popular and most referenced invention related website on the internet. We also support the largest community of independent inventors in the United States.

The website was originally named It was inspired and formed in March 2006 by an inventor to discuss the reality television show American Inventor. We are now a website that helps, informs and entertains independent inventors, innovators and others who think outside the box.

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Sunday, January 11, 2009

Chronic Cold Hand Sign of Overworked Mouse Hand

There's much talk on the Internet these days about a cold mouse hand. It's a chronic condition, there's little medical knowledge about it, and there are products available to help relieve the cold hand pain. For many years, I sat at a computer formatting images in Photoshop. I owned and operated an ecommerce site and was too busy to actually do something to address the real problem. There were deadlines to meet, work to be completed, and frankly, suffering with the pain of a cold hand was not my top priority.

It wasn't until after I sold my e commerce site I focused on creating an energy-efficient solution to the cold mouse hand condition. Gathering fabrics, testing the quality, and producing a product became a new job. Within a few months, the Mouse Hand Warmer was patented, trademarked and proto-typed. The Mouse Hand Warmer (tm) turned out to be a warm, fleece pocket-style blanket to slip your mousing hand inside to keep it covered and warm.

Although there's no sound medical advice about why the mouse hand gets cold, it's common sense to understand exposed body parts tend to get chilled. After hours of exposure, using a computer mouse in the same position, it's not uncommon for the mousing hand to get cold. This condition becomes chronic for the computer geek who sits for hours using a computer mouse.

Cold mousing hand can be attributed to a number of medical factors like Poor Circulation, Arthritis, Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, Raynauds, DeQuervains, Tendonitis or Complex Regional Pain Syndrome.

Cold mousing hand can be experienced in a variety of settings like Air Conditioned Rooms, Under a Ceiling Fan, Drafty Cubicles, Winter Weather or Cold Offices at home or in a building.

There are a number of products on the market to help relieve the pain caused by a cold mouse hand. The most practical and cost efficient item is the Mouse Hand Warmer. It can be used only when needed and requires no electricity. In today's energy crisis thats a good thing. Anything that is earth friendly can only be helpful and good.

Your computer mouse is a personal device. We all have a favorite shape and style of computer mouse. We purchase a mouse based on the way it feels in our hand and the way it functions for the type of work we perform. Personally, I use a large Microsoft ergonomic shaped computer mouse. After all the years working with a computer, it's the best fit for my hand.

Another personal computing device is a mouse pad. The mousepads available today come in a variety of shapes, sizes and colors. My favorite mouse pad is a hard gaming style mousepad constructed of metal with a slick surface. It measures about 12 x 10 inches and works nicely with my large ergonomic computer mouse.

When designing the Mouse Hand Warmer, I decided to create something that worked with any mouse or mousepad because I didn't want to give up using my favorite computer accessories. The Mouse Warmer blanket measures about 12 x 12 inches in size and has a non slip surface. Its a large pocket to slip your favorite computer accessories and tools inside. There's plenty of room inside for movement with your favorite mouse pad and mouse. Sometimes when I'm traveling, I bring just the Mouse Hand Warmer because it can also be used stand-alone as a mousepad. The inside bottom surface is smooth, and the computer mouse functions on top of it without the use of an additional mouse pad. The Mouse Hand Warmer is perfect for any work environment.

If you suffer from chronic cold hands, especially when using a computer mouse, you may want to try the Mouse Hand Warmer to help relieve the pain experienced by the cold. The earth friendly item is avaialble atEtsy, eBay, Amazon and through the manufacturer at It's not sold in any stores, and if you are interested in reselling the Mouse Hand Warmer, please Contact Us today at Webmaster(at)

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Geek computer gadgets fix nerd cold hand problem fast

Geek computer gadgets fix a computer nerd's cold mouse hand problem fast!

by Anna Miller

You don’t have to be a NASA Rocket Scientist nerd or Disney Computer Artist geek to experience cold hands working at your computer. Sitting for long hours using a computer mouse can cause your mouse hand to get extremely cold, even if you are a simple stay-at-home or office-junkie computer nerd.

Many heavy computer user “nerds” suffer with a cold mouse hand as soon as the temperatures drop in their work space. It doesn’t matter if it’s winter or summer, if the work space is cold or drafty, a computer user’s mouse hand can become extremely cold. The most common occurrence of a cold mouse hand is by people who sit for long hours at the computer. If a person uses the computer occasionally, or if they are naturally hot-blooded, they may not experience a cold mouse hand. It all depends upon the person, their work space conditions, and their medical history.

Several online forums have surveyed their members about the cold mouse hand problem. The majority of responses indicate the cold mouse hand problem is fairly common with the exception being laptop users who do not use a computer mouse when computing.

There’s no specific medical condition for a cold mouse hand, but there are medical conditions with cold hand symptoms. The most common of the cold hand medical condition is “poor circulation.” Poor circulation is most commonly caused by a progressive blocking of the arteries. Factors for developing poor circulation include a lack of physical activity, smoking, high blood pressure and high cholesterol.

The cold mouse hand problem can become very annoying because the longer a person sits and works at the computer, the colder the hand gets making the tips of the fingers and top of the hand numb. There are products on the market to address the cold mouse hand problem which include both USB connected devices and earth-friendly devices requiring no electricity. Depending upon which device you want to use, it’s wise to address the cold hand problem to relieve discomfort as you work. The only other option is to stop working, and that’s not always possible when there are deadlines to meet and computer work to be completed.

The mouse hand warmer geek gadgets available include mouse hand warmer blankets, heated mouse pads, heated mice and mouse hand warmer mousepads. The mouse hand warmer computer gadgets range in price and cost little compared to the price you pay for not using them. Most of the computer geek gadgets to keep your mouse hand warm are available online. Do some online research prior to making a purchase to make sure the items you are buying fit your needs.

Gaining much popularity online is a product called the Mouse Hand Warmer ™. It’s a blanket for the mouse hand. It is shaped like a pouch and holds a person’s favorite mouse (optical or USB connected) and mouse pad, or it works as a covered mousepad with out the use of another mouse pad. It’s made of a cozy fleece blanket material which insulates body heat as a person works. There are no cords to get tangled on the desk top because the Mouse Hand Warmer uses no electricity. It’s earth friendly in today’s energy-efficient world. The Mouse Hand Warmer is available at many online stores, and not yet available at regular retail stores. So, if you are interested in the Mouse Hand Warmer search Google to find online locations or go to one of these websites and search for the Mouse Hand Warmer –,,, and

Other computer geek gadgets designed to address the cold mouse hand problem require electricity and are also available online. The warming mouse, available in several colors, shapes and sizes, is a geek gadget that heats up after it’s plugged in and stays warm until you turn it off. If you purchase an USB connected warming mouse, make sure it’s ergonomic enough for your mouse hand. If the ergonomic shape is not suited for your mouse hand, you will end up with a sore mouse hand -- especially if you tend to spend long hours using a computer mouse. Plus, the USB connected heated mouse requires the computer user to manually turn off the mouse when finished using it or the mouse will stay heated and using electricity after you log off and shut down the computer. There’s no heat regulator on the warming mouse, so get ready to have a very warm mousing experience. A person’s body temp is about 98.6 degrees and most of the warming mice heat up to 104 degrees Fahrenheit.

Another practical computer geek gadget designed specifically for the computer nerd’s cold mouse hand is the USB connected warming mouse pad. If you currently use a metal gaming mousepad, it can become very cold during the winter months when heat is a virtue. Even the most common forms of rubber mouse pads become chilled in a cold work area or office space. So, if you decide to get an USB connected warming mouse pad, make sure the mousepad you purchase fits on your work area and the cords don’t get tangled on your desk top. Many of the current USB connected mouse pads also incorporate an additional USB connection strip making them handy to plug in several computer gadgets. The one you choose, depends upon your likes and needs. Just be careful, there’s a lot of junk out there, so buy from a reputable seller who stands behind their products, offers return policies and gives a refund if you are not happy with the purchase.

If you suffer with a cold mouse hand and haven’t taken appropriate action to relieve the problem, hopefully you will now. To learn more about how to keep your cold mouse hand warm search Google, Yahoo! or MSN. There are several blogs dedicated to the cold mouse hand condition. Regardless of the action you take, knowing relief is available may help the next time your mouse hand gets cold.

* * *

Anna Miller is the President of, Inc. is a freelance consultant, Google Blogger, and operates a website called She is considered an Internet Pioneer and Ecommerce Entrepreneur with a successful online presence since the mid-90’s. For more information about ways to keep your mouse hand warm, please Click Here or visit

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Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Stuff that Delights Us about a Cold Mouse Hand

Delight Magazine is a delightful resource for items that delight us all. The current January 2009 issue features all sorts of news worthy information. There's a section called Stuff that Delights Us. Featured in this section on lucky page 13 is the one and only Mouse Hand Warmer blanket from

Does your computer mouse hand get cold? Do you find yourself trying to think of ways to keep your mouse hand warm? The folks at IGMproducts came up with a mouse blanket made of cozy fleece. The Mouse Hand Warmer has a non slip surface and fits your favorite mouse and mouse pad. If you don't want to use a mousepad, that's OK, too. The Mouse Hand Warmer can be used as a mousepad, a blanket and functions as an insulated "no electricity" hand warmer.

The Mouse Hand Warmer helps relieve a cold mouse hand. It's made in the USA and is an earth friendly product.

As an added incentive, use coupon code DELIGHT to receive an extra 10% off the total cost of your purchase at Plus, never pay shipping or sales tax when you shop online!

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