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Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Cold Mouse Hand - Dedicated cold hand relief

We normally use the computer mouse as shown above, with an exposed mouse hand. If the room is cool or temperatures drop, our mouse hand gets cold.

This blog is mostly about how we can keep our mouse hand warm. We'll discuss other things, too like some of the medical conditions associated with cold hands, and we'll introduce you to new computer accessories, mouse pads, mousepad gadgets, interesting computer mice, and we'll make suggestions for keeping your mouse hand warm.

Working with a cold mouse hand is an unpleasant experience. And, short of stopping your work, there's not much available to minimize the cold. Sometimes the tips of the fingers and the top of the hand get so cold it feels numb.

Some people laugh when I tell them I have a cold mouse hand. Some of my neighbors think it's pretty funny, too. But, that's OK. I know there's a real problem out there in Geeksville because most of the computer nerds I talk to suffer with a cold mouse hand as soon as the temperatures drop.

I first noticed a severe numbness in my mouse hand and fingers a few years ago. Probably after I had been at the computer addict for several years. I didn't know what to do. The only relief was to stop working, and that was not an option. I tried pulling a long sleeve sweater over my hand and that didn't work. I purchased several products guaranteed to keep my mouse hand warm and nothing seemed to resolve my cold mouse hand problem. There are a variety of items available from USB connected heated mice to USB heated mouse pads.

In 2008, I had had enough of cold mouse hand. I created a Mouse Hand Warmer, had it patented and trademarked. The Mouse Hand Warmer uses no electricity. It accomodates your favorite ergonomic mouse and mouse pad. And, it fixed the cold mouse hand problem.

This blog is all about cold mouse hand. The medical conditions associated with cold hands and products available to keep cold hands warm. We'll post articles, news, press releases and anything we can find for you to read about chronic cold hand conditions. Comments are open and moderated to keep the discussions on topic. We hope to hear from you. Please no spam.

If you have thoughts to share on this blog, submit a blog post for consideration. We'll review your blog post and add it to the Cold Mouse Hand Blog. To submit a blog post for consideration, please Submit Here.

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At March 10, 2009 at 10:15 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

I have the mouse hand warmer and I also have the heated mouse and heated mouse pad to use inside. It really takes away the cold hand pain and helps my cold hands. Truly cold hand relief from! Thank you


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